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CUSD Against Racism is a student-led, womxn-led organization devoted to combating racism and amplifying BIPOC voices in Capistrano Unified School District


News and Updates


Rally on June 24th

On June 24th, we successfully hosted a peaceful rally attracting 100+ CUSD students, alumni, teachers, and staff.

Board Meeting on June 24th

The same night of the rally, many of us expressed our demands to the Board of Trustees at the CUSD District Board Meeting.

A victory: they voted 7-0 on Resolution No. 1920-63: Resolution Denouncing All Acts of Racism, Intolerance, and Unlawful Discrimination.



Meeting with the Cultural Proficiency Task Force

On July 8, 2020, the Superintendent, Executive Cabinet, and members from the Cultural Proficiency Task Force met with CUSD Against Racism to listen to the key findings from our survey of over 830 responses from students and parents. 

Staff agreed to the following proposals:

  • Begin work on curriculum and explore an APEX online Ethnic Studies course pilot

  • Incorporate one student representative from each high school on the Cultural Proficiency Task Force

  • Explore restorative practices training

  • Update the District’s Discipline Handbook and discipline policies

  • Provide training included with the annual Policy Acceptance procedures

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