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Our Impact

Since its founding in July of 2020, CUSD Against Racism has been working tirelessly to launch a variety of projects to combat racism in Capistrano Unified School District and fight for equity across our school campuses. Below is a non-exhaustive list of what we have accomplished!


Lantern Festival 

of Hope

Co-hosted and organized a Lantern Festival of Hope to spread awareness around Anti-Asian sentiments in our community. Featured in the Washington Post, People, and ABC7.

Voter Mobilization

Engaged students and community members to campaign, vote and elect members to the school board.

Cultural Proficiency Action Plan

Worked hand-in-hand with CUSD to produce a 3 Year Action Plan that describes how CUSD plans to address systemic racism within its school sites. Read the plan here.

Black History Month Initiatives Across Schools 

Put up posters across all high school campuses across the district in celebration of Black History Month.

Capitol Insurrection Petition

Released a petition calling for a statement from CUSD condemning the insurrection at the Capitol, as well as investigate an involved teacher. Collected over 5,000 signatures. Read the petition here.

11 New Novels

Helped pass 11 new novels by diverse authors for CUSD students. 

To view the new novel lists, go to page 868-870 and 874-875 of the Board Meeting Agenda.

Ethnic Studies Course Pilot

In the Spring of 2021, CUSD introduced a five unit ethnic studies pilot course into general through the online platform Apex.

Junior and senior students at all high schools across the district are taking the course currently and are offering feedback on how to improve the course before implementation.

KYR Workshop

In collaboration with UCI Law student Caleb Martinez, hosted a Know Your Rights workshop with 30+ people in attendance.


Workshop included advice on procedure to follow when interacting with police as a pedestrian, student at school, or at home. In addition we included a section on civilian rights if ICE comes to your door, as a pedestrian, or as a student at school.

Student Representation on Cultural Proficiency Task Force

Became members of CUSD’s Cultural Proficiency Task Force, and successfully fought for other student representatives to be brought on to the Cultural Proficiency Task Force.

Women’s March

Hosted a COVID-safe Women's March on October 17th.

Passing of Resolution

The Board passed Resolution No. 1920-63: Resolution Denouncing All Acts of Racism, Intolerance, and Unlawful Discrimination.

850 Testimonies

Collected over 850 testimonies from students, parents, teachers and staff detailing instances of racism. 

Rally on June 24th, 2020

Successfully hosted a peaceful rally attracting 100+ CUSD students, alumni, teachers, and staff to raise awareness to the devastating racial experiences felt by CUSD students.

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